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Orotex | Wholesale Merchandise Liquidation Pallets

We sell surplus merchandise liquidation pallets from major U.S. national retailers including AMZ, JCP, MCY, CTC, and TGT.
Shop wholesale Overstocks by the pallet or truckload from a top liquidator in the industry.

Because of legal reasons, initials (abbreviations) are used to identify These U.S.A Big Box Retailers.

Liquidation Categories

Find a Huge variety of goods: shoes, clothes, cosmetics, general merchandise, furniture, home decoration, bicycles, and camping/outdoor items among others.

Buy Direct Liquidation Pallets at an Affordable Price.

Are you interested in purchasing direct liquidation pallets of customer return, surplus, or overstock liquidation pallets lots but don’t have a clue where to buy them, the right place is here! at, we have all the Merchandise you need to start or restock your business

Liquidation Pallets for Sale

Discover Our Wholesale Pallet Lot Deals that we offer to our customers.

Save More When you Buy a Full Truckload of Goods

When buying a Full Truckload of merchandise you save more money than when you buy just a Pallet of Goods.

Liquidation Truckload

Why Orotex Liquidation

At Orotex we Know that there are many options out there when purchasing from a Liquidator company like ours and we would like you to know where we stand out from the rest in both our product offering and the value of our relationships. Building long-term relationships with everyone – our customers, suppliers, and partners – is our priority. When you do well, we do well


The majority of liquidators do business on either b2c or b2b channels. This may give many liquidators a huge opportunity to separate loads based on their particular business needs prior to resale. Orotex does not have any Retail (BTC) Operation


Our company offers a wide assortment of name brand clothing and other general merchandise with thousands of liquidation pallets always in stock. New goods arrive constantly and we are confident that we have something to fit your specifications, in case it is not today, it will be tomorrow!


No need to make an appointment, we only require you to visit us during business hours, walk-in, and see our physical Miami Warehouse location and our product in person to ensure that it is right for you. You are welcome to visit us whenever possible.


We are a family-owned company with more than 25 years in the industry and we understand that this industry is not always clear and many customers get confused, that’s why we are always here to teach and support our clients in their questions about the industry.

Orotex Liquidation

With over 20 years of experience in the wholesale liquidation pallets industry, we have been successful thanks to the efforts of our dedicated and hardworking staff and our efficient system of production.

How to Order Merchandise from Us

Our goal is to make the ordering process simple and fast with us. After filling out the online form, one of our sales agents will contact you to explain the method of payment. New customers will also receive our terms of purchase which they must review, agree to, and sign. Requests can be established through the following channels:


Submit your request for a bulk pallet or truck by completing this contact form.

By Phone

In order to inquire by phone, kindly ring us at : (305) 887-1486 we are here to help you with any question.

In Person

Walk-in customers are welcome. Feel free to visit our warehouse anytime during our business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Orotex Liquidation Reviews

Here are some of the reviews we always get from our happy customers

I always buy truckloads of merchandise from Orotex, and the quality is always the best. I Recommend them

Maria Martinez

Truckload Buyer

I made my first order from Orotex liquidation and I was amazed at the merchandise I received, from now on they will be my main source of merchandise

Marc Wood

Wholesale Buyer

When I first visit them in their warehouse I realized the quality and professionalism of this company, they have been in this industry for more than 25 years the know what they are doing.

Christ Marshal

Pallet Buyer

Liquidation Pallets Industry FAQ

Here are a few of the common questions about bulk liquidation pallets of merchandize

What is liquidation?

What is liquidation?

Liquidation regularly means that a company is trying to quickly convert surplus, overstock, or out-of-season inventory into money. For retailers, these goods cost cash because

  • The merchandise deteriorates with age,
  • It takes up space in the distribution center
  • It ties up capital.

The majority of retailers will end up selling all these goods by truckloads – also known as Liquidations – 95% of this stock of excess in the optional market.

Most of these liquidation loads are made at price below the retail MSRP.

When you buy from a Liquidator Company Like Orotex Liquidation you will have access to this kind of price. Why? Because we are not brokers, all of our merchandise is in our Warehouse in Miami Florida

Different Kind of Liquidations

Different Kinds of Liquidation Pallets

Liquidated goods can come from various retailers in different ways. Regardless of the source, retailers always sell their liquidated stock at less than the MSRP because they need to get rid of it as soon as possible. These are some of the different ways that the sold liquidation pallets come from:


When a store closes or moves to another location, it usually sells all, or most, of its inventory. When that happens it’s called a clearance sale. This merchandise is purchased by liquidation experts to be sold to second-party resellers.


When large department stores buy too many quantities of the same goods and don’t sell as they thought. Also when the season changes, all of last season’s merchandise is classified as overstock. No matter what the circumstances, retailers don’t want this overstock to take up space in their stores.

This way, that merchandise is sold to liquidators like us at a remarkably low price. The Overstock merchandise from the store is usually new, which means that it will be in prime condition.

Customer Returns

Store customers return products for all sorts of reasons, when this happens, the item they returned cannot be resold, because it is now marked as secondhand merchandize, what happens with this is that many of the big retailers can only sell new products and the products returned by the customers gets stuck in the warehouse.

That is until it is purchased by liquidation companies like ours and then sold to retailers in the secondhand market. When merchandise is purchased in this way it is usually not new, but we make sure it is in good condition.

Merchandise’s Condition

Merchandise’s Condition

It all depends on the type of merchandise that was purchased. As you read before, many of these goods are new. So even when the goods are not new, we make sure they are working properly.

Below are the different types of conditions in which these liquidations come:


Overstock, Shelve Pulls or store closeouts are brand new and generally come in their original packaging. This merchandise is always more expensive. One advantage that shares these brand new merchandise is that they often have their original labels and warranties

Like New

They are products that have been opened and handled by consumers yet are in excellent shape, without any defects, irregularities, or signs of damage or wear. Products that are like new are usually customer returns. Because most retailers will always have a returns policy establishing that the product must be returned within a short period of time after purchase, it is unlikely that the item will be in poor condition. In any case, customer returns are inspected to make sure they are in a condition to be used again before being resold.

Kind of Liquidation Goods we Carry

Kind of Liquidation Pallets we Carry

We have a wide variety of products by the pallet in different categories, so no matter what kind of products you are interested in reselling, you will find them with us. Below are the different goods we offer for your store.

Apparel: We carry all styles of clothing and categories at our warehouse in Miami. We have men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, and plus size, available most of the time. Our Clothing is Sourced by Season, Gender, and in style. We also have underwear and outwear. No matter what type of clothing you are looking for, here we have it for you.

Shoes: Shoes are one of the strongest categories of our company. They are available for sale in the spring, summer, and autumn-winter seasons. Also by Gender Men, Women, and Children. All of our shoes come from United States Big Box Retailers.

General Merchandise: In this category, you will find different types of items, like electronics, toys, medicine, laptops, decor items, and house wear among others. The General Merchandize Liquidation Pallets are a great way to make money. They Have a Huge selection of items from different department stores

Bedding: Our bedding category has a huge array of products like pillows, comforters, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, duvets, and more items that sales are really good on any flea market, mercados, discount store, or small retail business.

Toys: Toys can make you some good profit. Our Liquidation pallets of toys have a huge amount of different toys and brands like Disney, Marvel, Lego, Fisher-Price, and More.

Home Improvement: Home improvement pallets are a great option if you have a hardware store or if you want to make some extra money selling from your garage or local flea market on the weekends, these Liquidation pallets come from large home improvement department stores and they carry a wide variety of products for the house.

Cosmetics: If you are in the world of beauty and you are thinking of selling makeup, then these makeup pallets are perfect for you. In them, you can find different types of beauty products such as mascara, lipstick, blush, and eyeliner as well as products such as those found in a nail supply store

Handbags: Handbags are great for business, as they are a product that is in high demand. Our pallets of handbags contain a wide variety of styles and brands. Kindly Contact us for more information

Why Choose Orotex Liquidation?

Why Choose Orotex Liquidation?

For over 25 years we remain the most trusted US-based liquidator company specializing in Ex-Department Store Clothing and Accessory lots for export worldwide and all customers are welcome to visit our facilities to inspect what their buying before purchasing. That’s why we don’t have competition because at the end of the day no one wants to do the work or take the risk we take every day for our customers. If you compare us to liquidation companies you will see that most of them specialize in Ex-Department Store hard goods, such as furniture, tools, electronics, general merchandise, kitchenware, toys, etc., and not clothing. In most cases, they act as truckload brokers offering department store clothing as-is and attractive pricing and you get a lot of promises but a bad deal. It’s a buyer beware world be watchful over your investment money and take the time to visit unknown vendors. When a company offers multiple shipping locations but doesn’t allow inspections to run away they don’t own the inventory they offer. They’re looking to make a fast buck leaving you anxiously broke.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, in fact, the majority of our business has been international since our beginning. Our sales staff is very knowledgeable on shipping requirements in different countries all over the world and we consider this expertise an added bonus to doing business with us.

Who is Responsible for the Freight Cost?

Who is Responsible for the Freight Cost?

Orotex will not assume shipping or shipping charges for all stock product purchases. All pricing is Ex-Works our warehouse located at: (325 East 10th Court Hialeah, FL 33010) the purchaser is responsible to pay the cost of any and all shipping cost. This includes trucking, special handling (residential delivery, liftgate, and call for appointment), duties, and clearing costs. 

You are responsible to pick up your Inventory Purchase from our warehouse unless otherwise specified by an Orotex Liquidation sales rep). 

At Orotex Liquidation, we have built strong relationships with a wide network of carriers to provide you with the most competitive shipping rates available.

Email us: or call us at (305) 887-1486 for a shipping quote.

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