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Wholesale Brand Name Clothing Liquidation Pallets

Explore our wholesale Name Brands fashion lots, offering exceptional value and variety. Our mixed pallets are sourced from prominent department stores across the United States and beyond, featuring a range of high-quality apparel. These pallets include a selection of premium clothing, perfect for those seeking upscale fashion options.

Designer Clothing Liquidation Pallets

Exclusive-apparel-liquidation-pallets premium apparel pallets Bulk Upscale Clothes Pallet Lots Secure pallets of exclusive apparel from primary U.S. Retailers

Piece Count Per Gaylord:1,210
Condition:Overstock / New

Orotex Liquidation specializes in blending these stocks to create a diverse mix that supports businesses in their market competition.

  • Seasonal Variety: Choose from Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter Pallets, or Mixed Season collections.
  • Original Labels: Most items come with original labels for authenticity.
  • Brand Mix: A blend of Private Label and Upscale Brands.
  • Diverse Selection: Offers a variety of styles, prices, and brands in all loads.
  • Flexible Purchasing: Minimum purchase of just 1 pallet available.

Shop Overstock Name Brand Apparel by the Truckload

We aim to provide an excellent mix of styles, sizes, and colors in these Upscale Apparel Pallet Lots. These lots are priced for rapid sales, ensuring a high return on your truckload investments.

We guarantee a steady supply of our upscale garment collections, ensuring that our customers receive the most competitive prices in the market, especially when purchasing in bulk by container.

women clothing pallets

What’s in the Name Brand Apparel Pallets?

Our brand name gaylord boxes are assorted by color, style, gender, and season, including:









And many more Styles…

Top Wholesale Closeouts by the Pallet in Miami.

Our wholesale exclusive apparel liquidation is processed and shipped directly from our Florida facility. Our bulk women’s fashion pallets feature shelf pulls (Overstocks) only, with no returns.

Orotex Liquidation offers the best liquidation sales from private labels, suppliers, distributors, and major department stores in the United States for those looking to buy upscale apparel in bulk by the pallet.

Wholesale Clothing Distributor / Supplier

Orotex Liquidation is the largest wholesale apparel liquidator in Florida. This allows us to supply merchandise by truckload or to small retailers by pallet in different categories of women’s surplus clothing.

So Where Did These Lots of Apparel Come From?

In the United States, leading retailers and manufacturers offer us these Premium Fashion clothing pallets in different kinds of liquidations.

  • Overstock
  • Closeouts
  • Surplus
  • Out of Seasons

Because of our contractual agreements we have access to these merchandise loads lots all the time, enabling us to resell to our worldwide clients below wholesale.

Feel free to call our sales department to inquire about buying wholesale designer clothing lots of women’s and men’s designer bulk clothing, our online sales agents will be in touch with you.

Get in Touch Today

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or to make an appointment with one of our sales representatives.

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