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Bulk Clothing Liquidation Pallets

We offer great deals on liquidation clothing from USA Big Department Stores for men, women and children. By carefully sorting the inventory at our liquidation warehouse located at Miami, Florida we can provide our customer with a high quality clothing, that no one can beat

Shop Clothing Liquidation Pallets

Shop our unique high-value clothing mix pallet for your customers.

Our product line consists of a blend of different types of products, fashions, designs, styles, colors, sizes, and brands that meet the quality standards of major U.S. retailers.

liquidation clothing pallets

Mixed Assorted Clothe Truckloads offers unbeatable deals and bigger lots than any other clothing liquidator on the market. When you buy a truckload of merchandise you always save more with us

We receive truckloads of new apparel on a daily basis and they are continually growing thanks to liquidation sales of apparel from America’s top brands, manufacturers, and merchants.

Source Truckload and Pallets of liquidated shelve pulls and overstock merchandise from The United States big retailers

Best Wholesale Clothing Liquidator in Miami, FL, USA

Learn why thousands of businesses worldwide have made us their #1 source for all their clothing needs. We are the most reputable liquidation company in the whole liquidation market who breaks down containers of department store clothing and sorts it with a unique formula that has been proven especially to help businesses such as yourself to succeed in their own specific marketplace.

How do we Obtain the Apparel?

Clothing is acquired through a variety of ways, including the following:


When stores need to prepare for new inventory, they have to get rid of old garments to make room. Those off-the-rack clothes are offered at discount prices, which allows customers the possibility to get them at a low cost. Since these garments are new and have never been worn, they are in brilliant condition.

Customer Returns

They are garments that have previously been sent back by customers due to a number of different causes. As the store does not exchange them and does not need them to take up any space in the warehouse, these garments are sold. Customer returns are usually usable, although it is quite possible that they may have some small stain or irregularity.

What Kind of Clothing I Can Find in These Pallets?

You will find all the clothing sold on United States Mayor Department Store

Wholesale Women Clothing

In the mixed pallets of women’s clothing you can find clothes of all seasons, from formal to dress clothes and other pallets categories like,

Plus Size Clothing

Elegant dresses, denim, sportswear as well as casual wear and many more are featured in these pallets.

Bulk Swimwear Pallets

These mixed pallets of swimwear are assorted with a wide variety of styles and colors for the whole family, like men, women, and kids and are sourced from U.S. department stores.


Our pallets of accessories include, stockings, socks, briefs, and all types of underwear for men, women and children.

Men Clothing

The pallets of men’s mixed clothing include the following categories:

Spring-Summer Apparel

T-shirts, Polo shirt, Tank top, Shorts are some of the categories we include in our Spring – Summer Apparel, come visit us today and find out for your self.

Fall-Winter Apparel

In these category pallets you will find Sweaters, Jacket, Jeans, Long coat, Cardigans, and Fleece jacket among others.


Our underwear pallets are perfectly mixed to make the most out your money and these pallets include, Briefs, Boxers, Booty Shorts, and Panties among others categories

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We are your Best Option For Overstock Clothing Pallets Lots

You may be searching for wholesale clothing liquidation companies on google and come up with many options, but none like Orotex Liquidation, as many of these companies don’t have the ability to maintain a constant supply of clothing to their customers, unlike us who have direct contracts with the major department stores and can give a constant supply of clothing to our customers.