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Truckload Liquidation

Shop Truckloads of Overstock Liquidated Merchandise by the Pallet, from U.S National Retailers like AMZ, JCP, MCY, TGT Below Wholesale
Source 1000’s of products for your Retail Business


Because of legal reasons, initials (abbreviations) are used to identify These U.S.A Big Box Retailers.

Truckload Liquidation Categories

We Supply a Great Variety of Liquidation Products: electronics, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, general merchandise, furniture, tools/hardware, home decoration, bicycles, camping/outdoor items among other Items.

Truckload Liquidations

Buy Discount Truckloads of Merchandise Below Wholesale Prices.

If you looking to buy pallets of overstock goods from USA Dept. Stores, then look no further. Orotex Liquidation is the Partner you been looking for, in order to buy and make money with Truckloads of Amazin Quality Merchandise for sale we have.

Liquidation Pallet Lots for Sale

Below are some the the Pallets we Have to Offer ou Customer

Liquidation Truckload

Best Overstock Truckload Liquidation Wholesale Company

We are Miami’s Number 1 Option for Buying, Surplus Goods by the Truckload. Our Contractual Agreements Allow Us to Give the Best Wholesale Prices to our Clients in Miami Florida, United States.

Why Orotex Liquidation

We know at Orotex Liquidation there are a number of wholesale options for buying merchandise from liquidation companies such as ours, however, we want you to understand how we differentiate ourselves from the rest of our competitors as well as the tremendous importance we place on our relationships with our customers. Building lasting relationships we make it a priority to partner with our customers, our suppliers, and our partners.


Many of the wholesale liquidators have retail stores where they sell direct to consumers. This gives them the option to sort through these truckloads of merchandise and select the best items for their retail stores, leaving the pallets with merchandise that does not have a high value.


We offer a large assortment of wholesale merchandise by truckload. Currently, we receive truckloads of liquidation on a weekly basis, which allows us to provide a constant supply to our customers.


You don’t have to make an appointment, just visit us during our business hours Monday through Friday and see our warehouse operations for yourself, so you can feel and touch the merchandise on the spot. You are always welcome


As a family-owned and operated company with over 25 years in the industry, we understand that this industry is not always clear and many clients sometimes get frustrated, because of this fact our company provides education and support to all our customers with questions they may have about the industry.

Truckload Liquidation Sales

Thanks to our more than 20 years of service in the wholesale liquidations sector, we have achieved success thanks to the dedication and hard work of all our associates and the efficiency of our entire production system.

How to Order Merchandise by Container from Us

We want the purchase process to be efficient and accurate. Upon completion of the online form, a specialized sales agent will contact you and explain the method of payment. In addition, new buyers will be provided with the terms of purchase, which they will need to review, accept and sign. Your orders can be placed through the following channels:


Submit your request for a bulk pallet or truck by completing this contact form.

By Phone

In order to inquire by phone, kindly ring us at : (305) 887-1486 we are here to help you with any question.

In Person

Walk-in customers are welcome. Feel free to visit our warehouse anytime during our business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Truckload Liquidation Reviews

Our Happy customers always give us the best reviews

I always buy truckloads of merchandise from Orotex, and the quality is always the best. I Recommend them

Maria Martinez

Truckload Buyer

I made my first order from Oretex liquidation and I was amazed at the merchandise I received, from now on they will be my main source of merchandise

Marc Wood

Wholesale Buyer

When I first visit them in their warehouse I realized the quality and professionalism of this company, they have been in this industry for more than 25 years the know what they are doing.

Christ Marshal

Pallet Buyer

Liquidation Industry FAQ

Find some of the common questions about truckload liquidations

What is liquidation?

What is Truckload liquidation?

This is a practice in which a wholesaler buys a truckload of wholesale goods from large retailers, then categorizes them and sells them by pallets or truckloads to discount stores or small retailers such as that found at flea markets.

Retailers sell these merchandise because, they have to make warehouse space for new goods

Many retailers end up selling the merchandise by the truckload, which is also known as overstock, surplus, out of season, or store stock.

These liquidation loads generally sell at a price below wholesale.

With Orotex Liquidation you will have the best prices available. Why? We are not a middleman, all our stock is available at our warehouse in Miami Florida.

Where Can I Buy a Truckload of Pallets?

Where Can I buy a Truckload of Pallets?

If you are looking to buy truckloads of merchandise by pallets, then look no further, here at Orotex Liquidation we offer truckloads of merchandise at the best prices. Get in touch with us today and find why we are your best option in the market.

Email us: or call us at (305) 887-1486 for a shipping quote.

Different Kind of Liquidations

Different Kind of Overstock Truckload Liquidations

Goods that are liquidated may be sourced from several retailers in several ways. No matter the origin, the stocks are always sold by retailers at a lower price than the retail price as they need them out of their inventory as possible. Below are some of the common sources of liquidations:


Usually, as a retailer shuts down or relocates to another address, it tends to sell all, or part, of its stock. Such a sale is called a liquidation sale or closeouts. These items are purchased by liquidation merchandisers like us to be sold for resale


For example, big stores buy excessive amounts of inventory and fail to sell them as they planned. Or when the seasons switch, the entire previous season’s inventory is categorized as excess stock. Retailers, whatever the circumstances, don’t want this overstock to take up floor space in their warehouses. All this merchandise is usually new.

Customer Returns

When customers return their purchased merchandise, it is called Customer Returns, Most of the big retailers, won’t put this merchandise back on the racks because they are marked as secondhand, not new items.

These goods are sold to companies like ours at a lower price, giving us room to sell to a secondary market below wholesale prices.

Merchandise’s Condition

Truckload Inventory Condition

This all depends upon the specific kind goods that were purchased. Many of these goods are new in many cases, just as we have read before. Therefore, in order to make sure they are working properly, even when the goods are not new, we make sure they are working properly.

Here are the different types of conditions in which these truckloads liquidations come:


Usually Shelve Pulls, Overstock, or store closeouts are new and generally come in their factory box. Such items tend to be higher priced. A common benefit of these brand-new merchandises is that they will usually have their original labels and manufacturer’s warranties.

Like New

These are opened items but in excellent condition, with no defects, imperfections, and no signs of deterioration or wear and tear. Like-new products are often returned by customers. Given that the majority of retailers typically have a customer returns policy which states that goods may only be returned promptly after purchase, the item is unlikely to be in bad condition. Customer returns are, in any case, inspected to ensure that they are in proper working condition

Kind of Liquidation Goods we Carry

Truckload Liquidation Pallets we Sell

Our truckloads of merchandise come with different types of merchandise, in which you will find items that are sold on USA Big department stores. Here is a list of the different items we offer.


We sell all categories of clothing, for women, men and children. Come and find a wide variety of styles and colors. The clothes are categorized and sold by season, and by gender.


Like clothing, shoes are also categorized by Gender, Man, Women, and Kids and by Spring-Summer / Fall-Winter season.

General Merchandise

This category is sold by the pallets and you can find a mix of goods, like laptops, toys, decor items, house wear, bicycles, patio decor, lamps, Electronics, Etc.


A wide variety of products are available in this bedding category. comforters, pillows, curtains, pillowcases, sheets, duvets, and many more articles that sales good on any small retail business, flea-market, discount store or mercados.

Toys Truckload Liquidation

Our toys can provide great value for your money. In our truckloads of toys, you can find a lot of children’s toys and brands such as Disney, Marvel, Lego, Fisher-Price, and more.

Home Improvement

A great option for selling in your garage or at the local flea market on the weekends, home improvement pallets come from large home improvement retailers and feature a wide range of household products.


In our truckloads of makeup, you will find different types of beauty products such as mascara, lipstick, blush, eyeliner as well as product

Why Choose Orotex Liquidation?

Why Choose Our Truckload Liquidation?

We remain the most reliable U.S.-based liquidation company for over 25 years, which specializes in lots of clothing and department store accessories for export around the world. We welcome all customers to stop by our facility to inspect their purchases before they buy. This is why we do not have competitors because after all, no one else wants to do the work or assume the risk that we take on a daily basis on behalf of our valued customers.

By comparing us vs. liquidation companies, most of them are specialized in Ex-Department Store goods, like furniture, tools, electronics, general merchandise, kitchen utensils, toys, etc., rather than apparel. For the most part, acting as middlemen for truckloads featuring department store clothing as-is at bargain prices, they give you a ton of good promises but crappy deals.

This is a market in which the serious buyer should use caution with their money invested by taking the time by visiting unfamiliar vendors. If a company offers you multiple shipping locations without allowing inspections in order to get away, these companies don’t have the inventory they offer. Instead the company is seeking to turn a quick profit by anxiously skimming you out of your wallet.

We at Orotex liquidation Invite all of our customers to visit us at our warehouse in Miami Florida, so they can see the truckloads and pallets of merchandise they are buying.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Do You Ship Containers Internationally?

As a matter of fact, most of our business has been worldwide since our beginning. When it comes to shipping requirements in different countries around the world, we are very knowledgeable and believe that this experience is an extra bonus when doing dealings with us.

Who is Responsible for the Freight Cost?

Who is Responsible for the Freight Cost?

Orotex Liquidation will not assume shipping or shipping charges for all stock product purchases. All pricing is Ex-Works our warehouse located at: (325 East 10th Court Hialeah, FL 33010) the purchaser is responsible to pay the cost of any and all shipping cost. This includes trucking, special handling (residential delivery, liftgate, and call for appointment), duties, and clearing costs. 

You are responsible to pick up your Inventory Purchase from our warehouse unless otherwise specified by an Orotex Liquidation sales rep). 

At Orotex Liquidation, we have built strong relationships with a wide network of carriers to provide you with the most competitive shipping rates available.

Email us: or call us at (305) 887-1486 for a shipping quote.

Surplus Truckload Liquidators in the United States Near Me

Come Visit us at our Warehouse, We are the Best wholesale liquidator in Miami Florida

We ship all over the World and the United States including Georgia, Atlanta GA, Ohio, Columbus OH, North Carolina, Greensboro NC, Charlotte NC, Wilkesboro NC New York NY, among others

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Liquidation Goods From The United States

Source Pallet Lots of goods from the United States #1 liquidation retailers companies AMZ, JCP, MCY, TGT among others. Contact us today to find more information on large Bulk quantities of Inventory From these USA leading retailers and direct manufacturers.
Have access to thousands of closeout, surplus items offered by pallet or by the truckload.