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Where and How to Buy Nordstrom Liquidation Pallets

Nordstrom Liquidation Luxury Clothing pallets boxes
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If you’re a Wholesale or a retailer looking to buy Nordstrom High-end Luxury Clothing Liquidation pallets, then you may be wondering what they are and how to access them. In this article, we’ll provide all the information you need to get started. By purchasing Luxury Nordstrom liquidation pallets, you’ll have access to high-quality merchandise from a well-known U.S. department store at a fraction of the regular cost.

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    What are Nordstrom Liquidation Pallets (Boxes)?

    Nordstrom liquidation pallets consist of surplus, shelf-pulls, and customer returns that Norstrom has put on clearance.

    • Surplus refers to items that were overstocked and never made it to the store shelves.
    • Shelf-pulls are items that were displayed in the store but didn’t sell during the season.
    • Customer returns are items that were purchased and then returned by customers.

    It’s important to note that Nordstrom doesn’t market truckload pallets directly to consumers but instead uses external liquidation companies. Liquidation sales are conducted on a store-by-store basis through public auction contracts.

    Why Buy Pallets or Truckloads of Merchandise from Nordstrom?

    Buying Nordstrom liquidation boxes is an excellent way to access high-quality merchandise at a low cost. This method provides a significant profit margin and a wide variety of products from leading brand names. Given the prestige associated with the Nordstrom brand, items from their liquidation pallets can be particularly appealing to customers. Shipping, packaging, and transportation costs are minimal since the warehouse is located in the United States. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about nationalization taxes if you buy from them.

    What Type of Merchandise Does Nordstrom Sell?

    Nordstrom offers a wide range of merchandise for end-users, including clothing, shoes, general merchandise, cosmetics, toys, bedding, and products for women, men, and children. Their offerings span from everyday wear to luxury brands, ensuring a diverse range of products to cater to different customer needs.

    High-Quality Products at Affordable Prices

    When you buy clearance goods from Norstrom, you can rest assured that you’re buying high-quality products. The retailer has a reputation for meeting high standards of quality, and most lots will come with a manifest. In the case of packaged products, you’ll have an accurate description of the items in the lot, ensuring transparency and trust in your purchase

    Nordstrom Liquidation Pallets – Facts

    Here are some facts about these liquidation pallets:

    • Nordstrom liquidation boxes are sold to liquidation companies, which then resell them to businesses or individuals.
    • These skids are often sold “as is,” and buyers may not be able to inspect the contents of the pallet before purchase.
    • Some liquidation companies require a minimum purchase amount for pallets or truckloads.
    • It’s essential to research the liquidation company (Liquidator) you plan to purchase from.

    Where to Find Norstrom Clothing Boxes or Truckloads for Sale

    If you’re looking to buy Luxury clothing pallets or truckloads for sale, there are a few places you can start your search:

    1. Liquidation Auctions: Nordstrom Rack hosts online auctions where they sell off excess inventory and returned items. You can register on their website to participate in the auctions.
    2. B-Stock Solutions: B-Stock Solutions is a liquidation marketplace that partners with these types of big box retailers to sell its excess inventory. You can sign up on their website to browse and bid on Nordstrom boxes and truckloads.
    3. is a large online marketplace for surplus and returned merchandise from various retailers, including Nordstrom Rack, Walmart, Target, and among others. You can search for pallets and truckloads on their website.
    4. Direct Liquidation: Direct Liquidation is another online marketplace that sells excess inventory from major retailers, including Nordstrom. You can browse their inventory and place bids on their website.

    It’s important to note that the availability of Nordstrom Rack’s pallets and truckloads for sale may vary depending on the time of year and the retailer’s inventory levels. It’s also important to carefully review the condition and contents of each pallet or truckload before making a purchase to ensure it meets your needs and expectations.


    As a wholesaler, there are several benefits to buying Luxury liquidation pallets. These include:

    1. Cost savings: Buying liquidation boxes can save you money compared to purchasing new merchandise. Clothing Liquidation pallets are sold at a discounted price, which means you can get more for your money.
    2. High-quality products: Nordstrom is known for its high-quality products, and their liquidation boxes are no exception. You can expect to find items that are in good condition and may still have their original tags and packaging.
    3. Wide variety of products: They sell a wide variety of products, including clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods. By purchasing liquidation boxes, you can get a mix of products that can appeal to a diverse customer base.
    4. Potential for higher profits: Since you are getting the products at a discounted price, you have the potential to sell them at a higher profit margin than if you were to purchase them at full price.
    5. Sustainability: By purchasing lots of return liquidation pallets (boxes), you are helping to reduce waste and support sustainability efforts. By giving these products a second life, you are helping to keep them out of landfills and reducing the overall environmental impact of the retail industry.


    Are all items brand new?

    Are all items brand new?

    A: While many items are new, some might be customer returns or shelf pulls. It’s essential to check the manifest and understand the mix of items in a pallet.

    Can I choose specific items for my skid?

    Can I choose specific items for my skid?

    A: Typically, pallets are sold “as is, “meaning you buy the entire skid without selecting individual items. However, the manifest will provide a detailed list of its contents.

    How often does Nordstrom release liquidations?

    How often does Nordstrom release liquidations?

    A: The frequency can vary based on the store’s inventory levels and seasonal changes. It’s a good practice to stay in touch with liquidation companies or regularly check their platforms for updates.

    Are there any hidden fees when purchasing Nordstrom liquidation?

    Are there any hidden fees when purchasing Nordstrom liquidation?

    A: Discussing all costs upfront with the liquidator company is crucial. While the price is clear, there might be additional charges for shipping, handling, or other services.

    Can I return items from the pallet?

    Can I return items from the pallet?

    A: Generally, items bought from liquidation sales are final and cannot be returned. Always check the terms and conditions of the sale.

    Overall, purchasing Nordstrom liquidation pallets can be a smart choice for wholesalers looking to save money, offer high-quality Luxury products, and support sustainability efforts.