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🎯 High-Value Mixed Merchandise Lot No. 305

Get a diverse mix of high-quality merchandise from a renowned American department store with our truckload pallet Lot No. 305. Perfect for enriching your inventory, this lot includes bedding, toys, kitchenware, home decor, electronics, small furniture, and seasonal items.

Sold AS-ISby Truckload Only
Condition:Surplus / New

Minimum Purchase: 1 Truckload

Please note: We do not sell products directly online to ensure personalized service and offer the best possible deals. Additionally, our inventory moves quickly as customers often purchase entire lots directly from our warehouse. For more information and to discuss your requirements, please click "Inquire Now" to contact us.


  • 8-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 4-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 19-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 27-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 5-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 2-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 13-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 26-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 20-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 17-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 22-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 11-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 24-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 14-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 18-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 6-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 10-Target Liquidation Pallets
  • 9-Target Liquidation Pallets
Sold AS-ISby Truckload Only

Description: This premium lot features a diverse selection of products from a renowned American department store, often abbreviated as TGT. The sale is by truckload only, ensuring a significant quantity of valuable items. Possible articles found in the pallets include:

  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Kitchenware
  • Home decor
  • Electronics
  • Small furniture
  • Seasonal items (e.g., Christmas decorations)

Why This is an Amazing Opportunity

Acquiring this lot is an incredible opportunity for your business to enrich your inventory. It allows you to attract different kinds of customers by offering a wider variety of products. If you primarily sell clothing or shoes, this mixed merchandise will help you diversify, making it a win-win for you and your company. Expand your offerings and increase your sales potential with this high-value pallet lot.


What does the truckload contain?

The truckload contains a diverse mix of Electronics, kitchenware, bedding, toys, home decorations, and seasonal items.

Can I purchase smaller lots?

This sale is by truckload only to provide maximum value and variety.

Are the items new or used?

The items are typically overstock, discontinued, or returned merchandise from a major American department store.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order by visiting our website and selecting the desired truckload, or you can contact our sales team directly for assistance.

What are the payment options?

We accept various payment methods including in-person credit cards, and bank transfers. Full payment is required before shipping.

What are the shipping options?

We offer shipping by truckloads. Shipping costs depend on the destination and the size of the order. We work with reliable freight companies to ensure timely delivery.

Is there a return policy?

Due to the nature of liquidation merchandise, all sales are final. We ensure quality control, but it’s important to inspect items upon arrival.

Why should I buy this mixed merchandise lot?

This lot allows you to diversify your inventory, attract a wider range of customers, and increase your sales potential. It’s a great way to bring different types of customers to your store, whether you primarily sell clothing, shoes, or other items.

Full Truckload of Merchandise

When buying a Full Truckload of merchandise you save more money than when you buy just a single Clearance Gaylord box of Goods.

Liquidation Truckload overstock goods


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