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How to Start a Bin Store

Customers shop for items at Hotbins in Tampa.

    Introducing the latest retail trend: the Amazon Bin Store.

    Amazon Bin stores have become the latest retail trend, and for good reason. These stores offer customers the thrill of discovering hidden gems in giant plastic or wooden bins filled with clearance merchandise. Each week, a truckload of clearance merchandise is carefully sorted and arranged in these bins, creating a treasure trove of surprises for customers to explore. The excitement generated by this weekly event is so intense that it has generated a large number of loyal, repeat customers.

    Secrets to setting up a successful a Bin Store

    The key to a successful garbage can store lies in creating a sense of anticipation and excitement among customers. If you renew the merchandise every week, you will keep your customers interested and entertained. This way, returning customers will always have something new to discover and will be eager to rummage through the garbage cans looking for the next great deal.

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    Using Bins of Merchandise to Create a Price Waterfall

    One of the most significant advantages of using bins of merchandise to create a price waterfall is that it allows for targeted discounting based on the specific attributes of each product, which can help to optimize pricing strategies and increase sales.

    Create a “sale event” atmosphere

    The mindset behind the bin store phenomenon is similar to creating a Black Friday-like experience but every day. The idea is similar to the “event sales” that were popularized by retailers in the 1980s. Think of the large tents in parking lots that sold furniture or lawn mowers, or the Spirit Halloween pop-up stores that appear for a few months each year. These are all examples of “event-driven selling” that create a sense of urgency and excitement among customers.

    Transform your store into a treasure hunt destination.

    Running a bin store isn’t just about selling products; it’s about creating a fun and exciting experience for your customers. By turning your store into a treasure hunt destination, you can attract a new group of customers looking for unique and surprising finds. Watching customers rummage through bins of goods is a real spectacle, and it’s no wonder this type of discount retailing is as addictive as playing the lottery.

    Replenishment program management

    When it comes to managing a bin store, it’s crucial to control the restocking schedule. Some store owners decide to close their bins stores during midweek and start up again on Saturday with the higher prices. Typically, owners close their stores every Monday to restock with general merchandise liquidation pallets from amazon, Target, and Walmart among others.


    The Amazon Bin Store has become a popular retail trend due to its exciting and unpredictable nature. To run a successful bin store, it’s important to create an “Event Sale” atmosphere and transform your store into a treasure hunt destination. Managing your restocking schedule and using bins of merchandise to create a price waterfall can also help to optimize pricing strategies and increase sales.